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Anti-aging for the hands?

Anti-aging for the hands?

How do wrinkles appear on the hands?

At the latest from the forties, the delicate skin on the back of the hand became increasingly transparent. Veins and tendons can be seen more and more clearly. In addition, pigment spots and wrinkles cover the formerly smooth back of the hand. The reason is the decreasing elasticity of the skin and veins and a slower microcirculation of the entire tissue, which results in a significant deterioration in the nutrient supply and the breakdown of the subcutaneous fat tissue.

The skin dries out faster, becomes more susceptible to sun damage, such as wrinkles and pigment spots, and requires intensive care with treatments that contain moisture and vitamins. Special anti-aging textures with lightening active ingredients as well as high UV protection make sense. Hand creams should be massaged into the skin several times a day. Peels and massages also stimulate blood circulation and improve cell regeneration.

What to do about wrinkles on the hands?

Since the skin is nourished from the inside, it is important that you always drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated from the inside.
When it comes to nutrition, monounsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish, nuts, olive oil and avocados) are important to nourish the skin. Vitamin C stimulates the formation of collagen and can be found in green leafy vegetables and in fruits. A healthy, balanced diet is an important building block in your anti-aging program for the hands.

Wrinkles on the hands

Hand cream for wrinkled hands

Hand cream should often be used. After washing your hands or taking a shower so that your hands do not dry out with aggressive soaps or disinfectants and immediately before falling asleep so that they can act overnight. In contrast to the skin on the face, the hands don't produce as much sebum that keeps the hands supple. For this reason, hand creams are free to use rich, lipid-replenishing products that contain not only caring oils but also classic wrinkle killers such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. They even help partially against age spots on the hands.

Wrinkles on the hands

How do you prevent wrinkles on your hands?

  • Sonnencreme
    Just like the face, the hands need adequate UV protection, which is often neglected. The result is wrinkled hands from an early age. However, the thin skin on the back of the hand also suffers from strong solar radiation, which is why special protection is necessary.

  • Mild soap
    You should never overdo hand washing to avoid wrinkled hands. Sure, a certain hygiene is a must, but the anti-aging program for love should not be washed too often. As a result, the skin's protective acid mantle is regularly attacked, causing it to dry out. When washing hands, it is best to use lukewarm water and a mild soap specially made for sensitive skin.
  • rubber gloves
    Cleaning and rinsing must be done, but your hands should be protected with rubber gloves. This prevents chemicals from cleaning agents and the like, as well as hot water from reaching the tender skin and causing it to become clogged.

Our Medicorp products for beautiful hands

Our most popular Medicorp hand cream is particularly suitable for dry and cracked skin. Die creme contains one high content of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, as well as the most valuable oil of the Moroccan argan tree.

The combination of high quality oils Elasticity and Skin suppleness optimized. The hand cream has a nourishing effect thanks to the marigold, sage and arnica.

Small cracks in the hand area close after just 1 week of regular use. As well pulls in the hand cream directly. Absolutely effective with pleasant melon scent.

Here's ours Medicorp hand cream with argan oil & vitamin E.:

Wrinkles on the hands

And here you will find our high quality Medicorp hand care products:

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