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Is vegan cosmetics better than conventional ones?

Is vegan cosmetics better than conventional ones?

What is vegan cosmetics?

Cosmetics labeled as vegan do not contain any ingredients that are produced by or from animals. However, this does not necessarily mean that vegan cosmetic products are manufactured entirely without animal testing. The term vegan is not protected or clearly defined by law.

Is natural cosmetics vegan?

As the name suggests, natural cosmetics are defined by "natural" raw materials. Natural cosmetics exclude harmful ingredients such as parabens, silicones and fragrances and do not use genetic engineering. In addition, animal testing is also completely avoided here. However, caution applies to the ingredients. Since the products are not only plant-based, they can sometimes contain animal products such as milk, honey and the like. In other words: natural cosmetics are not immediately vegan.

Vegan cosmetics

What ingredients can I look out for?

How do you know if a cosmetic product is really vegan? Very easy - on the ingredients. The most important things to keep in mind when buying are creatine (ground bones), hyaluronic acid (from cockscombs), lanolin (wool fat), beeswax, milk, collagen (often fish fat or pork skin) and shell lacquer (excretion product of the scale insect and can be found often in nail polishes and hair sprays).

Vegan cosmetics

What are the benefits of vegan care?

Vegan products are free of animal substances. In other words, animal substances that are often required to bind the product are replaced by vegetable substances. Instead of beeswax in lip care, coconut or olive oil is used. When coloring hair, vegetable colors are often used, which are very useful for pregnant women because they are without chemicals. However, there are no studies that can confirm the advantages or disadvantages of vegan cosmetics by their effects. You do good to your body anyway, especially if you take care of it naturally.

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