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Korean skin care is that good

Korean skin care is that good

What is Korean Cosmetics?

Skin care products from Korea are also gaining more and more fans in Europe. This is also due to the fact that they convince with their effect. Flawless skin is an important beauty ideal that is worked on daily for a lifetime. Most Koreans attach great importance to their facial and beauty care. That's why you take a lot more time than we are used to in Europe. The reward for this is a particularly well moisturized skin and a glowing complexion.

Moisture from Korean skin care?

In contrast to the often heavy and creamy recipes that we are used to in our skin care products, especially in the creams for mature and dry skin, Korean care with a light, liquid, gel-like consistency primarily relies on well-moisturized and therefore firm skin. Special combinations of active ingredients with proven Asian medicinal plants and other active ingredients previously unknown in Europe nourish and soothe your skin.

Korean skin care

What distinguishes Korean toner and facial toner

Since Korean skin care focuses on the care and moisturization of the skin, the toner, unlike facial tonic, is considered to be a care product and not a cleaning product, as is the case with us. The skin is sufficiently cleared with the double cleansing of the Korean beauty routine (oil cleaner & mild washing gel). The toner then has a moisturizing and plumping effect. The ingredients basically have a hydrating effect, but depending on the product, they can be tailored very specifically to the skin type or skin problem. Korean toners therefore contain no alcohol or other drying ingredients.

The 7-skin method

In order to maximize the moisture content of the skin, the toner is applied in Korea in up to 7 (!) Layers. The procedure is simple: apply a little toner, gently pat into the skin, wait until it is absorbed, repeat up to 7 times. Newbies or those in a hurry start the routine 3 or 5 times. You can alternately tap 2 different toners to combine the benefits of 2 products.

Korean skin care

What are the active ingredients in Korean skin care products?

In addition to honey, propolis and bee venom, one of the best-known and rather unusual ingredients in Korean cosmetics is certainly a purified filtrate from snail slime, as it is used in many hydrating moisturizers (due to its extremely good effectiveness). It is important to know that the snails involved are in no way tormented, but are fed and cared for and maintained for a high-quality product with high-quality feed, so that the snail slime collected by a grid meets the highest quality standards.

Cloth masks in Korean skin care

The best known are the Korean cloth masks. Mainly because of their super-simple application, they have won many fans. You can simply place the facial tissue cloths soaked with serum and active ingredients on the cleansed face and then leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes. A relaxed application for in between, which can be adapted to all conceivable skin problems.

Korean skin care

Victorian pallor: a Korean skin ideal

Since fair skin is still a beauty ideal in Korea, you may often stumble across products advertised with terms such as "brightening" or "whitening". That can sound alarming for us Europeans, but the brightening active ingredients are mostly fruit or vegetable extracts, as well as lightly peeling additives such as AHA, which can only cause a gentle, natural brightening.

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