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How to properly maintain your T-Zone!

How to properly maintain your T-Zone!

What is the T zone?

The T-Zone describes a defined area in the middle of the face. The term is derived from the shape of this area, which resembles the letter "T". The area begins at the chin, runs in through the nose to the forehead. There are a particularly large number of sebaceous glands here, which is also the reason why the skin in this area is oily.

Skin types T zone

The combination skin combines two skin types: the sensitive skin and the oily skin. It also requires two types of care.

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Characteristics of combination skin on the cheeks

  • Dry
  • matt
  • fine pored
  • rough and cracked
  • scaly
  • Tension and itching
  • Sometimes red veins

Features of combination skin in the T zone

  • large pores
  • shiny and oily
  • unclean
  • Blackheads, pimples and acne

How should the T-Zone be maintained?

Since the skin on the nose and forehead (the so-called T zone) is quite oily in combination skin, it should be cleaned once or twice a day. Cleansing gel and facial toner are definitely beneficial in the T-zone of the combination skin. If the skin in the T-zone is extremely oily, even a facial tonic with alcohol is allowed once a day.

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Peeling in the T zone?

At least once a week is a Peeling It makes sense, however, as with cleaning, it should mainly deal with the T-zone, because the cheeks are usually dry and sensitive. Helpful to catch only the T zone: a facial brush. It can be used to precisely control the cleaning process, it also massages the skin and stimulates the blood circulation. The dry cheeks need to be treated a little more gently than the greasy T-zone and they should be spared cleansing foam and facial toner. Here gentle care should be used especially for dry skin.

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Our care products for the T-Zone

Our best-selling Peeling cream from Medicorp is particularly suitable for dry cracked and wrinkled skin. It has a supportive effect that stimulates wound healing and cell renewal. The almond oil works smoothing, healing, moisturizing and ensures a soft skin feeling. natural jojoba pearls as a peel body, gently remove excess skin cells.

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Here you will find more Medicorp care products for the T-Zone.

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