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Tight skin through moisture serum?

Tight skin through moisture serum?

What is a moisture serum?

A moisture serum is a skin care product that quickly and deeply penetrates the skin with its fine texture. This provides the skin with optimal moisture. When hydrated, the skin reacts like a sponge. Free radicals can thus be warded off better.

Unlike a classic cream, a moisture serum is characterized by its liquid texture and high concentration of active ingredients. Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are mostly used as ingredients in anti-aging skin care. Thanks to their watery, gel-like consistency, they can develop their effects optimally, reach their destination quickly and are better absorbed by the skin.

Hyaluronic acid as a moisturizer

The most well-known moisturizer is the ingredient hyaluronic acid. Many studies show that hyaluronic acid can increase skin moisture. That is why a hyaluronic serum is one of the most popular facial serums. This should contain hyaluronic acid in many different molecular sizes so that all skin layers are adequately hydrated. This also includes nourishing, calming and regenerating ingredients, such as aloe vera, panthenol, vitamins and plant extracts. There are an infinite number of ingredients that, in sufficient concentration, can have a positive effect on the complexion.

Anti-aging serum

Why is a moisture serum important?

The skin is exposed to numerous environmental influences every day. UVA / UVB rays and pollutants can negatively affect the skin. If it is adequately hydrated, it can better withstand the extrinsic influences and the protective function of the skin is strengthened. A moisture serum has a calming effect on the skin and supports skin regeneration. Free radicals can be neutralized. A high-quality serum can counteract visible wrinkles or discoloration.

When and how is a moisturizing serum applied?

After cleansing, the moisture serum is applied in the morning or evening before the final care cream. Rub two to three drops of the highly effective liquid on the palms of your hands and work the serum in with light movements from the inside out. The neck and décolleté are also delighted with the fresh kick.

Anti-aging serum

Our most popular Medicorp Serum Pure for fresh and radiant skin

The Serum Pure from Medicorp is ours highest quality, natural hyaluronic moisture booster. It ensures that a lot of moisture is stored in the skin, so it works smoother and more vital. The hyaluronic serum is also ideal for Microneedling Treatments suitable.

On the one hand, the serum cares normal, dry to very dry and mature skin, on the other hand, the serum contains pure highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and Acmella oleracea. The natural active ingredient, the tropical plant Acmella Oleracea, makes the facial features appear softer and more harmonious and even reduces deep wrinkles. The Hyaluron Serum is a good alternative to Super gel or Hyaluron balm, because it 10x more hyaluronic acid contains and is highly concentrated.

Here is our popular one Medicorp Serum Pure:

Anti-aging serum

And here you will find more high quality Hyaluronic acid:

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